Good Spring to all. I sincerely hope and pray that everyone in the chapter and area are safe and maintaining okay. Amid the unprecedented crisis of Covid 19, we are under extremely difficult and challenging times for all our citizens. As we head into the summer it appears things are starting to ease up on restrictions. As we go into the fund-raising season and holidays it will be trying for all of us. We WILL NOT be conducting the Forget Me Not fund raiser, Veterans Day Parade or Gay Pride events in November out of caution for our members, even though we are clearing. I would rather error on the side of caution for the health of our members and it is very very tough to lose our friends. When the outbreak started, I took the steps to close the chapter to meetings through this March to keep our members safe. With the current rise of positive infections throughout the Southern California region I have decided to echo the decisions of the California State Disabled American Veterans. Regarding elections, we are now holding nominations for the May 2021 elections. New Officers will be installed in June 2021. All positions are open for the Chapter. It is with immense honor that I have served as your Commander for the past three years. Thank you for providing me this opportunity!

Chad Shipley, Commander