Hello to all for this winter season. We have come out of our two-month dark time due to heat and are conducting meetings in person following local and state restrictions for such gatherings. The Elected Board held a meeting in August to discuss where we are and how we would like to move forward with our usual fall and winter events. We have decided to conduct business as usual this winter. As we move forward during this crisis we would like to remind all of our Veterans – Peace and Wartime, male and female, and all LGBTQ portions of our community – All are welcome and encouraged to visit us or volunteer or if you need help give us a call.

While we are moving forward we would like to remind all of our veterans that we are following local / state guidelines for our meetings to include masks, social distancing and immunizations. Many of our community are still shy, but we would like to re-assure that we are doing what we can to mitigate the potential for Covid infections. While entering the Holiday Season, as it is just around the corner, we would like to extend our hands in friendship and wish you all the very best this year in safety, good friends, good families, and remind all that many are not as fortunate as us – so please reach out to our extended Veteran Families and check on them during this time of the year.