Working on Fund Raisers and Community Outreach!

This past July we had our unofficial board meeting to discuss several things – fund raisers, grant processes, and internal workings. We have come up with some basic rules which should be formalized in the next 60 days. In the last 18 months, our annual locations that we donate to have had several serious problems, and the Chapter has decided that funds would be more expeditiously utilized if we developed our own Grant Process for the Chapter in order to aid Veterans. Silas Peterson, our Adjutant, has graciously accepted being the point individual on this.

DAV 66 has also put in the request for the Veterans Day Parade this year. We also have the intent of being in the Pride Festival this year, and we are waiting on a confirmation to get the go-ahead on this matter and will update the Chapter. While we will not be in the Pride Parade, our booth and presence there is highly beneficial to the estimated 3200 same-sex orientated couples that may not be aware of benefits they may be entitled to from the Department of Veterans Affairs.